2 Words. DOLLAR. SALE.

Hi everybody! It's Sarah Holt with ReRuns 4 Wee Ones. If y'all have been connected to the store for any amount of time then you definitely know what dollar sale is. I'm so excited to tell you about the dates! If you don't know what dollar sale is, you're in for a huge surprise!

What we do is run a 40% off sale starting Friday the 11th of January. It’s not for the entire store but it's all of the clothes and shoes AND we’ll have our continued clearance sections. We’ll run the 40% off sale for a week! Our whole MO right now it to sell the ENTIRE STORE before the end of the month because we are closing for a remodel.

Think of all the baby clothes you could buy with this!

Think of all the baby clothes you could buy with this!

I'm excited for the rest of the month and I can't wait for all of you to join us for this.  Everyone gets really pumped about the 40% off because they know that means dollar sale is coming.  It's really great to shop both sales because 40% off you can get the things that you can't live without and you can get an idea of what you’ll want on dollar sale day like great play clothes options or shoes for $2/pair!

So after our 40% off sale which we run from January 11th-18th, then everything left is on sale for $1 per piece.

We will have lines waiting outside the door because that's how good of a deal it is. On dollar sale, we will also have shoes on sale for $2 per pair and maternity on sale for $3 per piece of clothing.  Our dollar sale is major and we're super excited about it. We will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the dollar sale on Saturday, January 19th!

Every January and July we have our dollar sale but this season it's extra special.  After the dollar sale we are going to close the store for 2 WEEKS! I know it sounds crazy but we're closing for a complete massive remodel of the entire store.  We're doing a remodel so we can add bigger sizes to the store! We're going to be closed Monday the 21st all the way through Thursday the 31st. Then we will reopen on Friday, February 1 for the grand reopening of the store. The store is going to be fresh, amazing, beautiful with an entire new layout and the older kids sizes: sizes 6 through 16, with a wide variety of toys. We've been collecting all kinds of big kid items!  AND February 1st happens to be our anniversary date so we will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary!

You'll definitely want to mark your calendars for all these special important dates coming up for the store.

January 11th-18th: 40% sale on all Clothing & Shoes

January 19th: Dollar Sale! All children’s clothing $1/piece, Shoes $2 per pair, Maternity $3/piece

January 21st-31st: Closed for Remodel

February 1st: Grand Reopening and 7 Year Anniversary!

All of this is possible because of you: our amazing customers and consignors. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Here’s a video that Hollie and I did about comparing what you should really be buying on 40% off as opposed to what you should be buying on dollar sale day and how to get more for your money. It's really good information about how to get the most for your money out of those sales.  We can't wait to see you for 40% off!

If you can do these 3 things, your 2019 Planning can be in the Books!

Hello everybody!

I want to jump in and share with you because our team meeting last week has me so pumped up! I’m doing planning for 2019 and I’m working on goals just for myself today! We worked on goals for the business last week and I wanted to share with you how we did all of this!

Leadership meeting for 2019!

Leadership meeting for 2019!

We had what I like to call our “leadership meeting” and we literally planned out the entire year of 2019. We did this last year and it was game changing! I actually do this for myself also. There are 3 things you can do and they’re super simple!

ONE: You pick a day. Picking a day holds you accountable. Put it in your calendar. For the ReRuns 4 Weeones business, we bought a 2019 calendar, and sat down with our 2018 calendar to compare what we did this year, what was successful, what do we want to do again. We went through month-by-month and planned out 2019. This never would have happened if we didn’t plan a day to sit down. Once we scheduled our leadership meeting, there was an accountability factor that ensured we would get the planning done.

Then I planned a day to set my personal planning and goals. You have to have both. If you don’t own a business, then you’ll have this for work or the school calendar because you have to know when are we going to plan a vacation or fun days for the kids?  All of that goes into planning and through planning comes success.  So I encourage you to plan a day.

TWO: Pick a strategy. I use a different strategy for the business than I do personally. In the business specifically, we pick three different goals to accomplish each half of the year. So our first set of goals take place from January to May and then our second set of goals will happen between June and November.  We are always done with our goals by the end of November. In December, we do not create and we are not coming up with new things. By December we are coasting.

THREE: Have an accountability partner. On my business end, I have my leadership team.  They were holding me accountable to the actual meeting date and expecting me to show up with the goals. So with that date and accountability, I had to do it.  On a personal level, you’re going to pick a date, pick a strategy, and then pick an accountability partner. Your accountability partner could be your husband, a friend, or a coach.  You would be really amazed if you reached out to the people in your life and say “Hey, do you want to set some goals with me? I’ll share mine with you.” This is exactly what I did last week. I have a friend that is expecting my goals to be handed to her and then she’s going to help me keep accountable to those goals. And I’ll do the same for her.

For your strategy, you can use the business strategy we use, where we have 3 goals for the first half of the year and 3 goals for the second half of the year. That’s what I’ve found works best for the business but I use a different strategy for my personal life. In “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, he has this circle of “7 areas of your life” and he teaches you how to pick one of them and within that, write your list of goals, then within that list, picking one of the goals and picking one small thing that you can accomplish for 66 days in a row to create a habit. It’s actually called “habit stacking.” So I did this last year and it was awesome. I’m coming back to it this year.

In 2019 I am going to create 3 habits. All that means is I’m picking three areas of my life and deciding that yes, I need work in these areas. Then I’m going to make goals in these areas and pick something so small that when I do it, I can check the box.  My first 66 day “One Thing Challenge” will be in January, February, and March. There are way more things going on during these months but if I do this one thing, every single day for 66 days, I’m going to put a check mark on my calendar and not allow my mind to think I didn’t accomplish something great that day. That is the awesomeness of the 66 day challenge and the book “The One Thing.”

You can Google “The One Thing” and “66 Day Challenge” to find printables and calendars and you can get on board. You don’t even have to read the book!

Then from May to July, I’m adding my second goal. I’m habit stacking! My final goal will be from September, October, and November to add to the stack. My goals are for health, spiritual, and finance. Now, there are four other areas of your life, and ya, everybody needs work in all of them but if you’re going to accomplish something and not get in the mental fog that you’re not doing a good job, then this is a strategy you can use. You can very intentionally set these goals for yourself. Tell yourself when you’re going to do them, and then give yourself a win.

This strategy is releasing your ability to have to do it all and instead, only focusing on one thing, therefore allowing your mind to create these habits in your life that you can feel like you’re accomplishing something.

For me, I really love to plan and be strategic on the growth. I want see it and check those boxes off and I work really well with a task list. It just depends on what makes you tick. If this whole thing just threw your head into a tailspin, then that’s ok. It might not be for you. I’m sharing with you because a lot of people right now are goal setting and this is one way that I have found that works really, really well.

Pick a day to goal set. Then pick a strategy that works. And pick an accountability partner. If you have those three things, then you can intentionally goal set and go into 2019 feeling like a million bucks but then in February you’re still going to feel like that million bucks because you’re actually checking the boxes and reaching your goals. And I’m going to feel like that in the summer, and when school starts too. Not because I’m doing it all (because I’m definitely not), but because I’m checking the boxes and growing.

We can have a goal list, but if we don’t narrow it down super, super, small, it means nothing. You have to set something that is attainable. Include the minutes, days, statistics, who, what, where, when, how. All of that has to be there so it is so small and attainable. Whatever it takes to get you to the goal. Then at the end of the month, quarter, and year, you have this massive growth that you’re looking at and you habit stacked and it’s purposeful.

I wanted to bring this to you and give you some inspiration because all of us parents need this.

I just want to inspire you to not let another year pass you by that you’re not actively reaching for something bigger.  Think bigger. If the goals on that paper don’t scare you at least a little bit, you’re not thinking big enough. 

We’re striving for big things in the business and I know we’re going to reach them.  You’d be amazed what you can accomplish just by thinking bigger. Not having the mindset that “I can’t” or “I won’t” or “That’s not possible” You have to let that part go and start thinking on a bigger level.  Once you get there, find a friend that wants more for themselves too. Share your goals with each other and hold each other accountable.

12 Days of Christmas

Haven’t you heard? It’s Christmas time?! We’re bringing you the 12 Days of Christmas of sales!


Day 1: Monday, 12.10

20% off ReRuns Gift Cards

On the 1st Day of Christmas, ReRuns brought to meeee.... GIFT CARD SALE!

We're going to give you our gift cards at a discount! Buy some "credit" in the store at a discount! Buy for a family member, a friend, or a co-worker!

Any $50 gift card purchase is $40 for you! That's a 20% discount!


Day 2: Tuesday 12.11

Night, Night, Sleep Tight

50% off sounds just right!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to meeee...

Sleep everything! All of our sleeping items (we'll have a list for you) will be 50% off on day 2!


Day 3: Wednesday 12.12

New-to-You Clothes & Shoes at 40% off

On the 3rd Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to me....


It will be NEW to you and your child will never know!

You'll save money and you'll help the environment by reusing items!


Day 4: Thursday 12.13

Photo Session with Whitney Port Photography Gift Certificate Raffle

On the 4th day of Christmas ReRuns gave to meee...

Whitney Port Photography Gift Certificate Raffle

Enter to win a deep discount on a 30 minute private photo session with award winning Emerald Coast Photographer, Whitney Port. With your purchase at ReRuns 4 Wee Ones on Thursday, December 13th your name is entered into the raffle!!

-25 minute session

-Family, Couple, or Maternity

-Location of choice

-10-15 images with copyright release

-$57 payment upon booking

-($275 value, 80% off normal session price)

A winner will be drawn after 4pm that day. The recipient will be contacted via email and Facebook. The winner should contact Whitney Port Photography to book a January or February 2019 session within a week of being notified.


Day 5: Friday 12.14

Double your Discount

On the 5th Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to me...

25% off store wide! If you bring a friend to the store, and they also make a purchase, we’re going to give BOTH of you 50% off! Literally twice the discount just for showing up with someone! (Make a friend in the aisle if you need to!)


Day 6: Saturday 12.15

Amber Teething Sale

On the 6th Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to meeee...

Amber Teething Necklaces for $9.99 regularly priced at $17.99 and Amber Teething Bracelets and Ankles at $5.99 regularly priced at $11.99.

One Day Only!


Day 7: Monday 12.17

Maternity Sale as Easy as 1-2-3

On the 7th Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to meeee...

The largest sale we've ever done on Maternity! Ever.

All maternity shirts for $1 each.

All maternity pants for $2 each.

All maternity dresses for $3 each!


Day 8: Tuesday 12.18

Discount Pong!

On the 8th Day of Christmas ReRuns brought to meeee.


Discounts will be listed at the bottom of the cups and you'll play to win a fun discount to use that day!


Day 9: Wednesday 12.19

20% back on all Large Items Consigned

On the 9th Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to meeeee.....

More money in your pocket!!

We're going to give back to our consignors! All larger drop-offs on the 9th day of Christmas will receive 60% of the selling price for those items!

ONLY valid on items dropped off December 19th.

*You will receive the 60% split when your items sell.


Day 10: Thursday 12.20

70% off Color Tag Sale

On the 10th Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to meeee....

Color Tag Sale!!!!!

All colors (except light green) will be 70% OFF!!


Day 11: Friday 12.21

30% off Store wide for all Foster Families & Teachers

On the 11th Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to me...

Foster Family & Teacher discount day!!

30% off store wide!

This is great time for teachers to buy books, games, & puzzles for their classrooms!

We'll be coming to you live that morning for more foster information as well!

Spread the word to your teacher and foster family friends!

Day 12: Saturday 12.22

For a pick-me-up...Coffee & Donuts are on us!

On the 12th Day of Christmas ReRuns gave to me...

Refreshments on us!!

We want to give you a pick-me-up because Christmas can be stressful!

Come into the store for coffee and donuts from 9am-1pm on our 12th Day of Christmas!


Community Parking Lot Sale Recap!


We had 64 people register for our event this year, and Wow! We were blown away by the response! We’re attaching the links to vendors from Saturday below so you can continue shopping their great items!

Check out the video going over the great vendors we has sign up for our event, some funny “bumps in the road” and feedback from our attendees.

Hear some great stories from the Parking Lot Community Sale!

Moe’s Custom Graphics

Moe’s Custom Graphics

Culinary Solutions

Culinary Solutions

Chef Stephanie

Chef Stephanie

The Street Party You've Been Waiting For Is Here!

Our Parking Lot Community Sale is the street party you’ve been waiting for! A brilliant mix of yard sales and vendor businesses.


Includes everything you’ll need to have your items shopped by MANY. You’ll feel the excitement whether you’re selling items from your house, representing your business, or making connections in our community!


Dear go-getter, ‘gurus and experts’, home business builder, yard sale fanatic, entrepreneur, direct sales professional, ministry worker and anyone else who wants BIG exposure in Okaloosa County.

Are you ready to UP-level your business? Maybe you just have a lot of ‘things to sell’ laying around the house… we’re talking to you too!! You need your yard sale or a day spent on your business to be profitable, right? No one wants to waste their efforts. The Parking Lot Community Sale is for you! We had over 300 people attend this same event in March and results for our vendors were huge because of that.

Isn’t it time for your items to be shopped by 300 people? Get out of your driveway (yard salers). To my business owners attending low attendance expos - just stop! This is my exact mindset when it comes to saying ‘yes’ to any marketing event for ReRuns 4 Wee Ones. A hope and a prayer were NOT enough for me when I knew we needed potential buyers -- and a lot of them!

Since the first Parking Lot Sale in 2013 with 17 vendors, I have not only tripled my business but I’ve grown this annual event by more then half. With 50 spaces filled in March 2018 we have decided to add our fenced in back lot to the game!! A kids arena is just what we need for an extra layer of fun for our families. I’m bringing together my ReRuns community, Okaloosa County, and you of course to create a street party like you’ve never seen before!


Join us Saturday, November 10th 2018

Event hours are 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM

*Registrant set-up is anytime between 5:30 AM - 7:00 AM*

ReRuns 4 Wee Ones Parking Lot & Lincoln Avenue 
133 S. John Sims Pkwy Unit C
Valparaiso, FL 32580  



Over 70 spaces available!

  •  NEW FOR 2018! Access to fenced in 'Kids Arena'

  •  NEW FOR 2018! Picnic table/Resting area perfect for enticing food sales

  •  NEW FOR 2018! Ability to reserve front row space along John Sims Parkway

  •  NEW FOR 2018! New check in system for registered vendors

  •  A map of spaces for convenience during registration

  •  Clearly marked spaces ready for set-up morning of 

  •  Marketing through flyers, social media, video marketing, and yard sale signs week of

  • A friendly professional staff aiding in registration, community attendance, and smooth event results

  •  Prompt customer service through ReRuns 4 Wee Ones for your Q&A's

This event is perfect if you're looking to gain more foot traffic yon yard sale items, businesses of all types, or networking connections. There are 74 spaces available and they WILL fill up fast!


Registration closes after midnight, November 6th! 

Join for a $15 one time fee


Vendor Space Map.png

Join for a $15 one time fee


Parking Image for Registrants.JPG

We're Opening Up the JACKPOT! It's About to go Down!


It is about to go down! Y’all listen what we’re gonna do! You have been hearing about our color tag sale and you know what we’ve been doing? We’ve been keeping the details on the down low. Because this sale is SO Big that I didn’t want everyone to get too excited too soon, right?

We are about to put all of the tag colors in the store (except for the new tag colors) on sale! There’s grey, dark green, purple! All of these tag colors are going to be 55% off. AND, you have the opportunity to get 70% off. Say What?! And I’m going to tell you how, but let that just sink in for a minute. How crazy is 55% off?! And then 70% off, is that even possible?? Would we even do that?.... We would! Yep, we so would! Right now we’re tagging new inventory with light green tags but everything else, and I’m talking about every single thing in the store (except for vendor items) is included in the sale!

A nice, neat, bundle of 15 white, tubular, adult hangers!

A nice, neat, bundle of 15 white, tubular, adult hangers!

Ok, now, if you want to receive 70% off (an extra 15%), what do you have to do?? We are going to collect 15 adult white hangers (tubular). Bring us 15 of these and we’ll give you an extra 15% off! The whole store, I’m talking: swings, carriers, clothes, shoes, toys. Every. Single. Thing. That has color tags that are not light green.

We’re beyond excited! Friday and Saturday: October 12th & 13th, we are doing a two day sale only. Done. We will probably have no inventory left after these two days and that’s exactly what we want because then we are going to close for a day (October 15th) and put ALL NEW inventory out! We are literally going to fill the shelves back up with everything! All the things! So we’ve gotta sell some stuff!

Consignors, don’t worry! This is a good thing for you! Instead of receiving all of your items back that aren’t selling, this is how we get rid of things you guys! If you are bringing in new consignments, don’t worry! Our new color tags are not included in the sale!

So, 55% off of every single tag color (except light green)! And then! If you want to receive 70% off, you bring us 15 adult white hangers and we will give you SEVENTY PERCENT OFF! All. The. Things. Is this crazy or what?!



October 12th and October 13th. Huge, HUGE sales. You’re gonna want to tell your friends about this. If you have someone that’s expecting a new baby, if you have someone who has kids, they need something. Toys, shoes clothes. Something. If you know someone that’s expecting, they need to come and get a swing, a crib, they need to come get all the things!

70% off if you bring us 15 adult, white, tubular hangers. You probably have that many just hanging in your closet and we need those! 55% off if you can’t bring the hangers, and 55% off is still an AMAZING deal on these already super discounted prices. Our prices are already 50-60% off of retail prices, then we’re gonna give you 70% off of that.

Call me crazy, come, hit the jackpot with us! October 12th & 13th!

We’re gonna have some fun, it’s gonna be crazy madness and you’re gonna want to be here for it! We’ll see you then!

Tell a friend, bring everybody you can.

We're Having a Pajama Party!

Hey everybody!

Next week we’re having a Pajama party! We’re excited about our PJ party, in fact, all of us are going to wear our pajamas on Monday.

What we’re doing is fill the racks with pajamas. We sell a lot of pajamas every single day. Lately we’ve had people asking for pajamas in certain sizes and we don’t have any out there. So we want to encourage you to bring in your PJ’s.

It is going to affect drop-offs, so we’re telling you what to expect for your consignments next week. You’ll be able to get more than 30 pieces in if you do these things with your pajamas!

It’s really typical for us to get huge boxes or trash bags of clothes with drop offs. Either that or they’re folded in a laundry basket. These couple tips are game changers. Not only could you sneak in more than 30 pieces… but we’ll accept more of your items, they sell faster because they’re not wrinkled, AND that’s more money in your pocket.

Are sleep sacks considered pajama? Yes, you sleep in it! Well, not you, but your little baby does! Gowns, PJ sets, footed sleepers, swaddle sacks…. If it is for sleeping, then you can bring it in next week.

Monday 9.17 through Saturday 9.22 we’re accepting pajamas only for clothing. Everything else is unlimited and fair game; toys, shoes, furniture, baby equipment, and more.

Pajamas, yes please.
We get so excited when we see neat stacks of clothing like this!

We get so excited when we see neat stacks of clothing like this!

The end result for your clothing drop offs looks like this…. one stack, LAID FLAT, arms on long sleeves folded in, all buttons/zippers/snaps fasted. Voila!

When we say ‘pieces’ that typically means exactly how it sounds - each piece. BUT HERE:S THE TRICK. If you lay your sets right on top of each other (same size, same brand, matching outfit) —- It counts as ONE. Yep. Life just got better.

Sets are a good way to “get around” the system. If you have 20 sets laid together, now you’re actually getting 40 pieces of clothing in.  

Doing this step before dropping off clothes means you don’t have to spend any time at our drop-off table.  This week you can simply transfer your PJ’s to our drop-off bin, sign in, and be on your way!

All of the pajamas! Dress in your pajamas Monday if you want to join our Pajama Party!

If you have any questions, let us know! We can’t wait to help you drop-offs next week and put money in your account.

We love you guys, see you next week in PJ’s!

Source: www.reruns4weeones.com/consign

Your Halloween requests covered! A list right at your fingertips.....

We’ve had such a great response to our Halloween Release. We’ve decided to keep an updated list of our costume inventory here for everyone to access. We will be updating it every couple days to delete any costumes that have sold and to add the costumes that we are receiving daily!

Here you go! Enjoy!


Frankenstein (sleeper), Pea in the Pod Gown & hat



baby costumes.jpg

Pea in a pod,

ladybug (sleep sack)


Tiger, Owl,

Monkey W/ banana on head,




Pumpkin *NEW, Monkey *NEW


Pink Cheetah, Scooby(face on front),

Cat, Thin lion(yellow), Pink Poodle,

Unicorn, Dino w/ hat


halloween frozen.jpg





black & white Prisoner with hat

lil’ leopard(12-24m)


Flower, Candy Corn Witch, full body mickey


halloween clothes flat 2.jpg


Blue monster jacket


Fuzzy Tigger, Pink Monster (Pottery Barn),

Tutu Cat,Dracula,

Doc Mcstuffins doll doctor shirt,

pink poodle,

Doc Mcstuffins (jacket/pants)



Pumpkin tutu W/headband,

Gretel dress (Hansel and Gretel)


Devil dress with collar and headband, 

Olaf*NEW 4-6,


Peacock dress

friendly letter.jpg

There you have it! I’d say that’s a pretty great selection!

My Handwritten (Pen & Paper) Prayer for You. Do You Have A Minute?

I learn by writing. Maybe you're the same way? I'm that 'paper and pen' kind of person. I still love an actual paper book, sticky notes, and lots of scratch paper within arms reach. And PENS!! Don't get me started on pens.

As I was sitting in service Sunday morning, I found myself writing notes in a new way. It was almost as if God's spirit was turning the sermon into a personal prayer on paper. I looked mid way through service and thought, that's weird I've never done that before.

I like to tape my sermon notes & prayer pages around the house for encouragement during the week. This page in particular landed on one of my kitchen cabinets. As I re-read it tonight, YOU laid so heavily on my heart.

My inside has you & knows you




because of you.

Not me.

Your work IN me.

Your work in my circumstance.

In my troubled seas

Your hand steadies me.

You are faithful, Lord.

I am your daughter.

Thank you, God.

You are everlasting.

Share this love with others.


'Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.'

Philippians 1:2

FOR God (for the glory), I am suffering. Share Christ in the chains. What God leads you to - he will lead you through.

'That he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.'

Philippians 1:6

HE enables me and preserves me. Praise you Lord!

We all have a gift and a calling on our life. Mine lies with YOU...with this store,your store. It's God's design. I'm simply partnering with him and delivering in obedience. It's because of him that this thing keeps moving. God carries on with his work despite my weaknesses and shortcomings.

He will finish what he has started in you, in me, and in this small children's store in Val-p. Let that be your prayer tonight. God finish in me what you have started. All the angels of Heaven are cheering you on!

With Love,

Sarah Holt

ReRuns 4 Wee Ones Owner

Halloween Release!

Hey everybody! How’s it going? I had to come and tell you about LABOR DAY! We are going to put ALL of our Halloween costumes out and they’ll be on the racks when we open our doors Monday morning! I’m so excited about releasing these costumes! We’ll be putting them out this weekend after we close so they’ll be on the racks when we’re open on Labor day.

What we do is, we take all seasons at all times and we just hold the costumes back. So we actually have like 4 to 5 bins of Halloween costumes. And then we have Halloween attire like onesies, sleepers, bibs. We’ll have a separate rack of clothes and more for costumes.

If you need a Halloween costume, which who doesn’t need a costume for their little one, then come and check it out! On Monday or after!

On the opposite end, if you have Halloween costumes stored away in your closet because maybe you didn’t know about the store, or maybe you didn’t know we take all seasons at all time, bring those costumes in! You could bring them in tomorrow so they’ll be out for the release date. What happens is once we put the Halloween stuff out, we get a ton in after the fact and we just keep adding to the racks every day!

So if you’re wanting to buy or wanting to consign, we can take care of you on both ends. So I’d encourage you to come and look and see if we have what you need before you go buy one brand new. Our range of prices is anywhere from $5-$13.  The $10-$13 range is Disney store with all the accessories.

We’ve even had 2 sets of twins be able to find costumes with us. Our selection is that great. We have a ton princesses and a ton of Paw Patrol, a lot of PJ Mask.

I hope that you come and check it out. We’ll be open on Labor day regular business hours 9am-4pm. Come. Check out all of our costumes and all of our Halloween stuff. And we’ll keep adding to the racks. But that first day, if you’ve been to one of our releases, you know, that’s where you’re going to want to get it. We’ll keep them out up until Halloween and keep adding to the racks until mid-October.  See y’all soon!

Be a Minimalist Mama with Multi-Purpose Muslin Blankets

We’re all about being thrifty over here! So why not upcycle your muslin swaddle blankets!?

When you’re expecting your 2nd, or your 4th, or maybe more than that, what happens is you don’t have a baby shower. But now you kinda know what you need. With my second child, I knew. I knew what I was going to use, what I wasn’t going to use. Even though I didn’t have everything saved from my first, I knew what I wanted and my list was real minimal.

Even if you are having a shower, everybody wants to get baby blankets as a gift. And even though you need blankets, by your 2nd or more baby, you have a real good idea of which ones you’re going to need. I don’t know if you’re like me but I was all for the Muslin swaddle type blankets.

I’m telling you, they can go a long way. You can use them for everything. They’re big and super lightweight. They’re the best receiving blankets. I would even go through one or two A  DAY.


Put them right over your shoulder. Now you have a cute burp cloth and can use it to wipe all the gross stuff.


A lot of people don’t know, but you can tie them up. If I take the ends and tie it up, now I have a nursing cover. It’s big enough to cover my shoulder. I can move it from side to side. I can see under it if I want to. I can cover my entire body if I want to. I am more than covering everything that I need. This is the best nursing cover.

Now I can tie it to the infant carseat and then this becomes your carseat canopy. 


You can buy these type of blankets from your local retailer big-box store and they’ll cost you upwards of $10 PER BLANKET! But y’all, this is one of those items you should get used. For example, our next-to-new Muslin swaddles range from $1.50-$5.50. That’s a savings of 50-80%!!! For a multi-purpose necessity. YES. Just yes.  Tell your husband you’ll treat him to a dinner with your ‘savings’…because you can!

I hope that you love that. Let me know what you did. Were you like this and you were multi-purposing or were you getting different stuff for every stage?  Everyone is so different. Let us know what you’ve used!