We're Having a Pajama Party!

Hey everybody!

Next week we’re having a Pajama party! We’re excited about our PJ party, in fact, all of us are going to wear our pajamas on Monday.

What we’re doing is fill the racks with pajamas. We sell a lot of pajamas every single day. Lately we’ve had people asking for pajamas in certain sizes and we don’t have any out there. So we want to encourage you to bring in your PJ’s.

It is going to affect drop-offs, so we’re telling you what to expect for your consignments next week. You’ll be able to get more than 30 pieces in if you do these things with your pajamas!

It’s really typical for us to get huge boxes or trash bags of clothes with drop offs. Either that or they’re folded in a laundry basket. These couple tips are game changers. Not only could you sneak in more than 30 pieces… but we’ll accept more of your items, they sell faster because they’re not wrinkled, AND that’s more money in your pocket.

Are sleep sacks considered pajama? Yes, you sleep in it! Well, not you, but your little baby does! Gowns, PJ sets, footed sleepers, swaddle sacks…. If it is for sleeping, then you can bring it in next week.

Monday 9.17 through Saturday 9.22 we’re accepting pajamas only for clothing. Everything else is unlimited and fair game; toys, shoes, furniture, baby equipment, and more.

Pajamas, yes please.
 We get so excited when we see neat stacks of clothing like this!

We get so excited when we see neat stacks of clothing like this!

The end result for your clothing drop offs looks like this…. one stack, LAID FLAT, arms on long sleeves folded in, all buttons/zippers/snaps fasted. Voila!

When we say ‘pieces’ that typically means exactly how it sounds - each piece. BUT HERE:S THE TRICK. If you lay your sets right on top of each other (same size, same brand, matching outfit) —- It counts as ONE. Yep. Life just got better.

Sets are a good way to “get around” the system. If you have 20 sets laid together, now you’re actually getting 40 pieces of clothing in.  

Doing this step before dropping off clothes means you don’t have to spend any time at our drop-off table.  This week you can simply transfer your PJ’s to our drop-off bin, sign in, and be on your way!

All of the pajamas! Dress in your pajamas Monday if you want to join our Pajama Party!

If you have any questions, let us know! We can’t wait to help you drop-offs next week and put money in your account.

We love you guys, see you next week in PJ’s!

Source: www.reruns4weeones.com/consign

Your Halloween requests covered! A list right at your fingertips.....

We’ve had such a great response to our Halloween Release. We’ve decided to keep an updated list of our costume inventory here for everyone to access. We will be updating it every couple days to delete any costumes that have sold and to add the costumes that we are receiving daily!

Here you go! Enjoy!


Frankenstein (sleeper), Ewok


Fireman, Bunny(pink), Flower, Monkey(banana on head),

baby costumes.jpg

Pea in a pod, Captain America(Sleep Sack), Pumpkin (sleep sack),

ladybug (sleep sack)


Dragon (green), Shark, Monkey (banana in pocket), Owl,

Bear(blue bow tie), Tiger, Monkey(pink bow), Monkey, Elephant,

Pumpkin*NEW, Tiger, Owl


Reindeer, Spotted dog, Puffy lion, Thin lion, Puffy pumpkin, flower


Pumpkin *NEW, Monkey *NEW (3), Lobster, Frog,


Pink Cheetah, Puffy ladybug(pink), Minnie Mouse dress,

Purple butterfly, Princess frog, flower, Ariel, Frankenstein, Dragon,

Scooby, Scooby(face on front), Reindeer, Rooster, Elephant, Cat,

Thin lion(yellow), Pink Poodle, Brown Puppy, Sun, Unicorn, Giraffe,

Gray & Pink Cat


halloween frozen.jpg

Giraffe, Puffy Pumpkin, Blue Dragon


Puffy Tiger w/ pants, White bunny, Green dragon w/ pants, Puffy Pumpkin,

flower, lion w/hat(2), horse,


Puffy cow, puffy duck, tigger, fox, firefighter w/hat,

puffy ladybug w/headband, spider(black&purple), ladybug tutu w/wings,

Cinderella *NEW, Cinderella, Snow White, sock monkey, lion,

brown puppy w/mittens, penguin, firefighter, Mickey Mouse,

lion cub w/mouse, thick lion w/fluffy hat, monkey with banana,

Puffy Bee (Pottery Barn)



Pink leotard w/tutu, flower, Cinderella tutu dress,

halloween clothes flat 2.jpg

puffy reindeer, green triceratops dino, Candy Corn Witch


Puffy Duck, Strawberry w/hat, Green dragon w/ pants, Blue monster jacket, Yoda


Brown Zebra, Fuzzy Tigger, Pink Monster (Pottery Barn),

Fireman, Ballerina (Pink), Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Puffy Lion (2),

Tutu Cat, Witch (Orange), Dracula,


Chef, Anna, Star Princess (Pink), Rapunzel, Pirate (Pink),

Tutu Cat (Pink), Vampire, Hospital Patient, Doctor, Snow White,

Jake the Pirate, Elsa, Ballerina, Girl Pirate, Lady bug with head band,

Anna (Frozen), Pumpkin Tutu W/ Headband


Doc McStuffins (Stethoscope), Minnie Mouse, Pumpkin princess,

Izzy (Jake the Pirate), Flower Princess, Captain Hook, Harley Quinn,

Green Lantern, Sofia the First, Spiderman Lizard, Sock Monkey,

Mechanic Jumpsuit, Sheriff Callie (Priced Low), Thor,

Funky Frankenstein (Girl), Broken Doll, Knight, Bumblebee,

Teal Ariel dress, Bat-girl, Cat costume dress,

Devil dress with collar and head band


Cowgirl, Ladybug, Witch (Stars), Rapunzel,

Little Red Riding Hood (No Cape), Race Car Driver,

Knight (W/Shield), Cinderella (W/Shoes), Pink Butterfly, Pocahontas,

Ninja Turtle, Red Princess dress w/jacket&crown,

friendly letter.jpg

There you have it! I’d say that’s a pretty great selection!

My Handwritten (Pen & Paper) Prayer for You. Do You Have A Minute?

I learn by writing. Maybe you're the same way? I'm that 'paper and pen' kind of person. I still love an actual paper book, sticky notes, and lots of scratch paper within arms reach. And PENS!! Don't get me started on pens.

As I was sitting in service Sunday morning, I found myself writing notes in a new way. It was almost as if God's spirit was turning the sermon into a personal prayer on paper. I looked mid way through service and thought, that's weird I've never done that before.

I like to tape my sermon notes & prayer pages around the house for encouragement during the week. This page in particular landed on one of my kitchen cabinets. As I re-read it tonight, YOU laid so heavily on my heart.

My inside has you & knows you




because of you.

Not me.

Your work IN me.

Your work in my circumstance.

In my troubled seas

Your hand steadies me.

You are faithful, Lord.

I am your daughter.

Thank you, God.

You are everlasting.

Share this love with others.


'Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.'

Philippians 1:2

FOR God (for the glory), I am suffering. Share Christ in the chains. What God leads you to - he will lead you through.

'That he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.'

Philippians 1:6

HE enables me and preserves me. Praise you Lord!

We all have a gift and a calling on our life. Mine lies with YOU...with this store,your store. It's God's design. I'm simply partnering with him and delivering in obedience. It's because of him that this thing keeps moving. God carries on with his work despite my weaknesses and shortcomings.

He will finish what he has started in you, in me, and in this small children's store in Val-p. Let that be your prayer tonight. God finish in me what you have started. All the angels of Heaven are cheering you on!

With Love,

Sarah Holt

ReRuns 4 Wee Ones Owner

Halloween Release!

Hey everybody! How’s it going? I had to come and tell you about LABOR DAY! We are going to put ALL of our Halloween costumes out and they’ll be on the racks when we open our doors Monday morning! I’m so excited about releasing these costumes! We’ll be putting them out this weekend after we close so they’ll be on the racks when we’re open on Labor day.

What we do is, we take all seasons at all times and we just hold the costumes back. So we actually have like 4 to 5 bins of Halloween costumes. And then we have Halloween attire like onesies, sleepers, bibs. We’ll have a separate rack of clothes and more for costumes.

If you need a Halloween costume, which who doesn’t need a costume for their little one, then come and check it out! On Monday or after!

On the opposite end, if you have Halloween costumes stored away in your closet because maybe you didn’t know about the store, or maybe you didn’t know we take all seasons at all time, bring those costumes in! You could bring them in tomorrow so they’ll be out for the release date. What happens is once we put the Halloween stuff out, we get a ton in after the fact and we just keep adding to the racks every day!

So if you’re wanting to buy or wanting to consign, we can take care of you on both ends. So I’d encourage you to come and look and see if we have what you need before you go buy one brand new. Our range of prices is anywhere from $5-$13.  The $10-$13 range is Disney store with all the accessories.

We’ve even had 2 sets of twins be able to find costumes with us. Our selection is that great. We have a ton princesses and a ton of Paw Patrol, a lot of PJ Mask.

I hope that you come and check it out. We’ll be open on Labor day regular business hours 9am-4pm. Come. Check out all of our costumes and all of our Halloween stuff. And we’ll keep adding to the racks. But that first day, if you’ve been to one of our releases, you know, that’s where you’re going to want to get it. We’ll keep them out up until Halloween and keep adding to the racks until mid-October.  See y’all soon!

Be a Minimalist Mama with Multi-Purpose Muslin Blankets

We’re all about being thrifty over here! So why not upcycle your muslin swaddle blankets!?

When you’re expecting your 2nd, or your 4th, or maybe more than that, what happens is you don’t have a baby shower. But now you kinda know what you need. With my second child, I knew. I knew what I was going to use, what I wasn’t going to use. Even though I didn’t have everything saved from my first, I knew what I wanted and my list was real minimal.

Even if you are having a shower, everybody wants to get baby blankets as a gift. And even though you need blankets, by your 2nd or more baby, you have a real good idea of which ones you’re going to need. I don’t know if you’re like me but I was all for the Muslin swaddle type blankets.

I’m telling you, they can go a long way. You can use them for everything. They’re big and super lightweight. They’re the best receiving blankets. I would even go through one or two A  DAY.


Put them right over your shoulder. Now you have a cute burp cloth and can use it to wipe all the gross stuff.


A lot of people don’t know, but you can tie them up. If I take the ends and tie it up, now I have a nursing cover. It’s big enough to cover my shoulder. I can move it from side to side. I can see under it if I want to. I can cover my entire body if I want to. I am more than covering everything that I need. This is the best nursing cover.

Now I can tie it to the infant carseat and then this becomes your carseat canopy. 


You can buy these type of blankets from your local retailer big-box store and they’ll cost you upwards of $10 PER BLANKET! But y’all, this is one of those items you should get used. For example, our next-to-new Muslin swaddles range from $1.50-$5.50. That’s a savings of 50-80%!!! For a multi-purpose necessity. YES. Just yes.  Tell your husband you’ll treat him to a dinner with your ‘savings’…because you can!

I hope that you love that. Let me know what you did. Were you like this and you were multi-purposing or were you getting different stuff for every stage?  Everyone is so different. Let us know what you’ve used!