We're Opening Up the JACKPOT! It's About to go Down!


It is about to go down! Y’all listen what we’re gonna do! You have been hearing about our color tag sale and you know what we’ve been doing? We’ve been keeping the details on the down low. Because this sale is SO Big that I didn’t want everyone to get too excited too soon, right?

We are about to put all of the tag colors in the store (except for the new tag colors) on sale! There’s grey, dark green, purple! All of these tag colors are going to be 55% off. AND, you have the opportunity to get 70% off. Say What?! And I’m going to tell you how, but let that just sink in for a minute. How crazy is 55% off?! And then 70% off, is that even possible?? Would we even do that?.... We would! Yep, we so would! Right now we’re tagging new inventory with light green tags but everything else, and I’m talking about every single thing in the store (except for vendor items) is included in the sale!

A nice, neat, bundle of 15 white, tubular, adult hangers!

A nice, neat, bundle of 15 white, tubular, adult hangers!

Ok, now, if you want to receive 70% off (an extra 15%), what do you have to do?? We are going to collect 15 adult white hangers (tubular). Bring us 15 of these and we’ll give you an extra 15% off! The whole store, I’m talking: swings, carriers, clothes, shoes, toys. Every. Single. Thing. That has color tags that are not light green.

We’re beyond excited! Friday and Saturday: October 12th & 13th, we are doing a two day sale only. Done. We will probably have no inventory left after these two days and that’s exactly what we want because then we are going to close for a day (October 15th) and put ALL NEW inventory out! We are literally going to fill the shelves back up with everything! All the things! So we’ve gotta sell some stuff!

Consignors, don’t worry! This is a good thing for you! Instead of receiving all of your items back that aren’t selling, this is how we get rid of things you guys! If you are bringing in new consignments, don’t worry! Our new color tags are not included in the sale!

So, 55% off of every single tag color (except light green)! And then! If you want to receive 70% off, you bring us 15 adult white hangers and we will give you SEVENTY PERCENT OFF! All. The. Things. Is this crazy or what?!



October 12th and October 13th. Huge, HUGE sales. You’re gonna want to tell your friends about this. If you have someone that’s expecting a new baby, if you have someone who has kids, they need something. Toys, shoes clothes. Something. If you know someone that’s expecting, they need to come and get a swing, a crib, they need to come get all the things!

70% off if you bring us 15 adult, white, tubular hangers. You probably have that many just hanging in your closet and we need those! 55% off if you can’t bring the hangers, and 55% off is still an AMAZING deal on these already super discounted prices. Our prices are already 50-60% off of retail prices, then we’re gonna give you 70% off of that.

Call me crazy, come, hit the jackpot with us! October 12th & 13th!

We’re gonna have some fun, it’s gonna be crazy madness and you’re gonna want to be here for it! We’ll see you then!

Tell a friend, bring everybody you can.