If you can do these 3 things, your 2019 Planning can be in the Books!

Hello everybody!

I want to jump in and share with you because our team meeting last week has me so pumped up! I’m doing planning for 2019 and I’m working on goals just for myself today! We worked on goals for the business last week and I wanted to share with you how we did all of this!

Leadership meeting for 2019!

Leadership meeting for 2019!

We had what I like to call our “leadership meeting” and we literally planned out the entire year of 2019. We did this last year and it was game changing! I actually do this for myself also. There are 3 things you can do and they’re super simple!

ONE: You pick a day. Picking a day holds you accountable. Put it in your calendar. For the ReRuns 4 Weeones business, we bought a 2019 calendar, and sat down with our 2018 calendar to compare what we did this year, what was successful, what do we want to do again. We went through month-by-month and planned out 2019. This never would have happened if we didn’t plan a day to sit down. Once we scheduled our leadership meeting, there was an accountability factor that ensured we would get the planning done.

Then I planned a day to set my personal planning and goals. You have to have both. If you don’t own a business, then you’ll have this for work or the school calendar because you have to know when are we going to plan a vacation or fun days for the kids?  All of that goes into planning and through planning comes success.  So I encourage you to plan a day.

TWO: Pick a strategy. I use a different strategy for the business than I do personally. In the business specifically, we pick three different goals to accomplish each half of the year. So our first set of goals take place from January to May and then our second set of goals will happen between June and November.  We are always done with our goals by the end of November. In December, we do not create and we are not coming up with new things. By December we are coasting.

THREE: Have an accountability partner. On my business end, I have my leadership team.  They were holding me accountable to the actual meeting date and expecting me to show up with the goals. So with that date and accountability, I had to do it.  On a personal level, you’re going to pick a date, pick a strategy, and then pick an accountability partner. Your accountability partner could be your husband, a friend, or a coach.  You would be really amazed if you reached out to the people in your life and say “Hey, do you want to set some goals with me? I’ll share mine with you.” This is exactly what I did last week. I have a friend that is expecting my goals to be handed to her and then she’s going to help me keep accountable to those goals. And I’ll do the same for her.

For your strategy, you can use the business strategy we use, where we have 3 goals for the first half of the year and 3 goals for the second half of the year. That’s what I’ve found works best for the business but I use a different strategy for my personal life. In “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, he has this circle of “7 areas of your life” and he teaches you how to pick one of them and within that, write your list of goals, then within that list, picking one of the goals and picking one small thing that you can accomplish for 66 days in a row to create a habit. It’s actually called “habit stacking.” So I did this last year and it was awesome. I’m coming back to it this year.

In 2019 I am going to create 3 habits. All that means is I’m picking three areas of my life and deciding that yes, I need work in these areas. Then I’m going to make goals in these areas and pick something so small that when I do it, I can check the box.  My first 66 day “One Thing Challenge” will be in January, February, and March. There are way more things going on during these months but if I do this one thing, every single day for 66 days, I’m going to put a check mark on my calendar and not allow my mind to think I didn’t accomplish something great that day. That is the awesomeness of the 66 day challenge and the book “The One Thing.”

You can Google “The One Thing” and “66 Day Challenge” to find printables and calendars and you can get on board. You don’t even have to read the book!

Then from May to July, I’m adding my second goal. I’m habit stacking! My final goal will be from September, October, and November to add to the stack. My goals are for health, spiritual, and finance. Now, there are four other areas of your life, and ya, everybody needs work in all of them but if you’re going to accomplish something and not get in the mental fog that you’re not doing a good job, then this is a strategy you can use. You can very intentionally set these goals for yourself. Tell yourself when you’re going to do them, and then give yourself a win.

This strategy is releasing your ability to have to do it all and instead, only focusing on one thing, therefore allowing your mind to create these habits in your life that you can feel like you’re accomplishing something.

For me, I really love to plan and be strategic on the growth. I want see it and check those boxes off and I work really well with a task list. It just depends on what makes you tick. If this whole thing just threw your head into a tailspin, then that’s ok. It might not be for you. I’m sharing with you because a lot of people right now are goal setting and this is one way that I have found that works really, really well.

Pick a day to goal set. Then pick a strategy that works. And pick an accountability partner. If you have those three things, then you can intentionally goal set and go into 2019 feeling like a million bucks but then in February you’re still going to feel like that million bucks because you’re actually checking the boxes and reaching your goals. And I’m going to feel like that in the summer, and when school starts too. Not because I’m doing it all (because I’m definitely not), but because I’m checking the boxes and growing.

We can have a goal list, but if we don’t narrow it down super, super, small, it means nothing. You have to set something that is attainable. Include the minutes, days, statistics, who, what, where, when, how. All of that has to be there so it is so small and attainable. Whatever it takes to get you to the goal. Then at the end of the month, quarter, and year, you have this massive growth that you’re looking at and you habit stacked and it’s purposeful.

I wanted to bring this to you and give you some inspiration because all of us parents need this.

I just want to inspire you to not let another year pass you by that you’re not actively reaching for something bigger.  Think bigger. If the goals on that paper don’t scare you at least a little bit, you’re not thinking big enough. 

We’re striving for big things in the business and I know we’re going to reach them.  You’d be amazed what you can accomplish just by thinking bigger. Not having the mindset that “I can’t” or “I won’t” or “That’s not possible” You have to let that part go and start thinking on a bigger level.  Once you get there, find a friend that wants more for themselves too. Share your goals with each other and hold each other accountable.