Be a Minimalist Mama with Multi-Purpose Muslin Blankets

We’re all about being thrifty over here! So why not upcycle your muslin swaddle blankets!?

When you’re expecting your 2nd, or your 4th, or maybe more than that, what happens is you don’t have a baby shower. But now you kinda know what you need. With my second child, I knew. I knew what I was going to use, what I wasn’t going to use. Even though I didn’t have everything saved from my first, I knew what I wanted and my list was real minimal.

Even if you are having a shower, everybody wants to get baby blankets as a gift. And even though you need blankets, by your 2nd or more baby, you have a real good idea of which ones you’re going to need. I don’t know if you’re like me but I was all for the Muslin swaddle type blankets.

I’m telling you, they can go a long way. You can use them for everything. They’re big and super lightweight. They’re the best receiving blankets. I would even go through one or two A  DAY.


Put them right over your shoulder. Now you have a cute burp cloth and can use it to wipe all the gross stuff.


A lot of people don’t know, but you can tie them up. If I take the ends and tie it up, now I have a nursing cover. It’s big enough to cover my shoulder. I can move it from side to side. I can see under it if I want to. I can cover my entire body if I want to. I am more than covering everything that I need. This is the best nursing cover.

Now I can tie it to the infant carseat and then this becomes your carseat canopy. 


You can buy these type of blankets from your local retailer big-box store and they’ll cost you upwards of $10 PER BLANKET! But y’all, this is one of those items you should get used. For example, our next-to-new Muslin swaddles range from $1.50-$5.50. That’s a savings of 50-80%!!! For a multi-purpose necessity. YES. Just yes.  Tell your husband you’ll treat him to a dinner with your ‘savings’…because you can!

I hope that you love that. Let me know what you did. Were you like this and you were multi-purposing or were you getting different stuff for every stage?  Everyone is so different. Let us know what you’ve used!