Halloween Release!

Hey everybody! How’s it going? I had to come and tell you about LABOR DAY! We are going to put ALL of our Halloween costumes out and they’ll be on the racks when we open our doors Monday morning! I’m so excited about releasing these costumes! We’ll be putting them out this weekend after we close so they’ll be on the racks when we’re open on Labor day.

What we do is, we take all seasons at all times and we just hold the costumes back. So we actually have like 4 to 5 bins of Halloween costumes. And then we have Halloween attire like onesies, sleepers, bibs. We’ll have a separate rack of clothes and more for costumes.

If you need a Halloween costume, which who doesn’t need a costume for their little one, then come and check it out! On Monday or after!

On the opposite end, if you have Halloween costumes stored away in your closet because maybe you didn’t know about the store, or maybe you didn’t know we take all seasons at all time, bring those costumes in! You could bring them in tomorrow so they’ll be out for the release date. What happens is once we put the Halloween stuff out, we get a ton in after the fact and we just keep adding to the racks every day!

So if you’re wanting to buy or wanting to consign, we can take care of you on both ends. So I’d encourage you to come and look and see if we have what you need before you go buy one brand new. Our range of prices is anywhere from $5-$13.  The $10-$13 range is Disney store with all the accessories.

We’ve even had 2 sets of twins be able to find costumes with us. Our selection is that great. We have a ton princesses and a ton of Paw Patrol, a lot of PJ Mask.

I hope that you come and check it out. We’ll be open on Labor day regular business hours 9am-4pm. Come. Check out all of our costumes and all of our Halloween stuff. And we’ll keep adding to the racks. But that first day, if you’ve been to one of our releases, you know, that’s where you’re going to want to get it. We’ll keep them out up until Halloween and keep adding to the racks until mid-October.  See y’all soon!