We're Having a Pajama Party!

Hey everybody!

Next week we’re having a Pajama party! We’re excited about our PJ party, in fact, all of us are going to wear our pajamas on Monday.

What we’re doing is fill the racks with pajamas. We sell a lot of pajamas every single day. Lately we’ve had people asking for pajamas in certain sizes and we don’t have any out there. So we want to encourage you to bring in your PJ’s.

It is going to affect drop-offs, so we’re telling you what to expect for your consignments next week. You’ll be able to get more than 30 pieces in if you do these things with your pajamas!

It’s really typical for us to get huge boxes or trash bags of clothes with drop offs. Either that or they’re folded in a laundry basket. These couple tips are game changers. Not only could you sneak in more than 30 pieces… but we’ll accept more of your items, they sell faster because they’re not wrinkled, AND that’s more money in your pocket.

Are sleep sacks considered pajama? Yes, you sleep in it! Well, not you, but your little baby does! Gowns, PJ sets, footed sleepers, swaddle sacks…. If it is for sleeping, then you can bring it in next week.

Monday 9.17 through Saturday 9.22 we’re accepting pajamas only for clothing. Everything else is unlimited and fair game; toys, shoes, furniture, baby equipment, and more.

Pajamas, yes please.
We get so excited when we see neat stacks of clothing like this!

We get so excited when we see neat stacks of clothing like this!

The end result for your clothing drop offs looks like this…. one stack, LAID FLAT, arms on long sleeves folded in, all buttons/zippers/snaps fasted. Voila!

When we say ‘pieces’ that typically means exactly how it sounds - each piece. BUT HERE:S THE TRICK. If you lay your sets right on top of each other (same size, same brand, matching outfit) —- It counts as ONE. Yep. Life just got better.

Sets are a good way to “get around” the system. If you have 20 sets laid together, now you’re actually getting 40 pieces of clothing in.  

Doing this step before dropping off clothes means you don’t have to spend any time at our drop-off table.  This week you can simply transfer your PJ’s to our drop-off bin, sign in, and be on your way!

All of the pajamas! Dress in your pajamas Monday if you want to join our Pajama Party!

If you have any questions, let us know! We can’t wait to help you drop-offs next week and put money in your account.

We love you guys, see you next week in PJ’s!

Source: www.reruns4weeones.com/consign