My Handwritten (Pen & Paper) Prayer for You. Do You Have A Minute?

I learn by writing. Maybe you're the same way? I'm that 'paper and pen' kind of person. I still love an actual paper book, sticky notes, and lots of scratch paper within arms reach. And PENS!! Don't get me started on pens.

As I was sitting in service Sunday morning, I found myself writing notes in a new way. It was almost as if God's spirit was turning the sermon into a personal prayer on paper. I looked mid way through service and thought, that's weird I've never done that before.

I like to tape my sermon notes & prayer pages around the house for encouragement during the week. This page in particular landed on one of my kitchen cabinets. As I re-read it tonight, YOU laid so heavily on my heart.

My inside has you & knows you




because of you.

Not me.

Your work IN me.

Your work in my circumstance.

In my troubled seas

Your hand steadies me.

You are faithful, Lord.

I am your daughter.

Thank you, God.

You are everlasting.

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'Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.'

Philippians 1:2

FOR God (for the glory), I am suffering. Share Christ in the chains. What God leads you to - he will lead you through.

'That he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.'

Philippians 1:6

HE enables me and preserves me. Praise you Lord!

We all have a gift and a calling on our life. Mine lies with YOU...with this store,your store. It's God's design. I'm simply partnering with him and delivering in obedience. It's because of him that this thing keeps moving. God carries on with his work despite my weaknesses and shortcomings.

He will finish what he has started in you, in me, and in this small children's store in Val-p. Let that be your prayer tonight. God finish in me what you have started. All the angels of Heaven are cheering you on!

With Love,

Sarah Holt

ReRuns 4 Wee Ones Owner