Think your children have outgrown the store?! Think again....

Y’all know I love to talk. Rumors have started flying around. I might have shared some information to 1, 2, or 20(ish) of my dearest consignors.

This time last year was a pivotal moment for the business. If you remember, in November we went from 6 daily drop offs to averaging 25! It was ridiculous!! Many have heard THE rumor for this years plan... equally ridiculous. We’ve figured out dates, what we can offer, and what are limits will be.

Mark this date down: November 1, 2018 @ 9:00 am we will be opening the doors for accepting big kid sizes!! Up to a 16, y’all. Can you hear the angels singing?!

A few months back we asked a simple question on Facebook: If you could change ONE thing about the store what would it be?! More than 100 of you gave us your feedback! Here’s just a few things revealed….

56% requested older kid sizes

11% suggested longer hours

10% wanted a Drop & Run option for consignments

.07% time off for the owner (my personal favorite LOL)

This wasn’t the first time we’ve heard these requests but it WAS the first time we started seriously considering them. Since then, we’ve managed to launch a Drop & Run system successfully and hash through layout changes. We couldn't be more excited to dive into this project and launch bigger sizes. 

Big kid sizes --- here we come! This is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you’ll partner with us and your community in making this possible.