Small Business Saturday
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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, November 24, 2018

Have you heard about Small Business Saturday?! It’s a National Holiday set out to honor brick and mortar stores in your local area. We’d love for you to come hang out with us. We have some great things in store for you! 

#1, we’d love to give you a discount...on the ENTIRE STORE. Yep, you heard that right. Oh and the best part?! Vendor items are included!!!!

Saturday 11.24 the whole store will be 20% off all tag prices and that includes LaneyBug Bowtique, Chewsworthy, and all Amber Teething. 

If that wasn’t enough we have TWO full blown gift baskets overflowing with gifts for you and your kiddo! Local businesses have contributed items to thank you for supporting small businesses like us. Here’s how you can win.....

Saturday we will hide 10 purple and green heart stickers throughout our store. As you shop with us on Small Business Saturday, be sure to look high and low for our hidden hearts. The kids will love doing this too! 

It’s so simple....
1. Take a picture of all 10 purple&green hearts 

2. Send all 10 pictures to us via Facebook Messenger (please do not post them to the Facebook page) 

That’s it! You’ve had some fun AND will be entered to win not just one but TWO gift baskets (one for you and one for your kiddo). They will be displayed in the store day of and we’ll make sure to keep you updated here on the businesses contributing to our Small Business Saturday raffle baskets!!! 

The scavenger hunt is a one day event! Be sure to submit all your photos by 10pm that night (Saturday, November 24th). 

We will draw the winner LIVE on Facebook Monday, November 26.

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Parking Lot Sale
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Parking Lot Sale

Our Parking Lot Community Sale is the street party you’ve been waiting for! A brilliant mix of yard sales and vendor businesses.

Includes everything you’ll need to have your items shopped by MANY. You’ll feel the excitement whether you’re selling items from your house, representing your business, or making connections in our community!

 Dear go-getter, ‘gurus and experts’, home business builder, yard sale fanatic, entrepreneur, direct sales professional, ministry worker and anyone else who wants BIG exposure in Okaloosa County.

Are you ready to UP-level your business? Maybe you just have a lot of ‘things to sell’ laying around the house… we’re talking to you too!! You need your yard sale or a day spent on your business to be profitable, right? No one wants to waste their efforts. The Parking Lot Community Sale is for you! We had over 300 people attend this same event in March and results for our vendors were huge because of that.

Isn’t it time for your items to be shopped by 300 people? Get out of your driveway (yard salers). To my business owners attending low attendance expos - just stop! This is my exact mindset when it comes to saying ‘yes’ to any marketing event for ReRuns 4 Wee Ones. A hope and a prayer were NOT enough for me when I knew we needed potential buyers -- and a lot of them!

Since the first Parking Lot Sale in 2013 with 17 vendors, I have not only tripled my business but I’ve grown this annual event by more then half. With 50 spaces filled in March 2018 we have decided to add our fenced in back lot to the game!! A kids arena is just what we need for an extra layer of fun for our families. I’m bringing together my ReRuns community, Okaloosa County, and you of course to create a street party like you’ve never seen before!

Join us Saturday, November 10th 2018

Event hours are 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM

*Registrant set-up is anytime between 5:30 AM - 7:00 AM*



Over 70 spaces available!

  •  NEW FOR 2018! Access to fenced in 'Kids Arena'

  •  NEW FOR 2018! Picnic table/Resting area perfect for enticing food sales

  •  NEW FOR 2018! Ability to reserve front row space along John Sims Parkway

  •  NEW FOR 2018! New check in system for registered vendors

  •  A map of spaces for convenience during registration

  •  Clearly marked spaces ready for set-up morning of 

  •  Marketing through flyers, social media, video marketing, and yard sale signs week of

  • A friendly professional staff aiding in registration, community attendance, and smooth event results

  •  Prompt customer service through ReRuns 4 Wee Ones for your Q&A's

This event is perfect if you're looking to gain more foot traffic yon yard sale items, businesses of all types, or networking connections. There are 74 spaces available and they WILL fill up fast!


Registration closes after midnight, November 6th! 

Join for a $15 one time fee


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Color Tag Sale
to Oct 13

Color Tag Sale

It is about to go down! Y’all listen what we’re gonna do! You have been hearing about our color tag sale and you know what we’ve been doing? We’ve been keeping it on the down low. Because this sale is SO Big that I didn’t want everyone to get too excited too soon, right?

So here’s what we’re gonna do: 55% off of every single tag color (except light green)! And then! If you want to receive 70% off, you bring us 15 adult white hangers and we will give you SEVENTY PERCENT OFF! All. The. Things. Is this crazy or what?! Right now we’re tagging new inventory with light green tags but everything else, and I’m talking about every. single. thing. in the store (except for vendor items) is included in the sale!

The whole store, I’m talking: swings, carriers, clothes, shoes, toys, every. Single. Thing. That has color tags that are not light green.

We’re beyond excited! Friday and Saturday: October 12th & 13th. Huge, HUGE sales. We are doing a two day sale only. Done. We will probably have no inventory left after these two days and that’s exactly what we want because then we are going to close for a day (October 15th) and put ALL NEW inventory out! We are literally going to fill the shelves back up with everything! All the things! So we’ve gotta sell some stuff!

You’re gonna want to tell your friends about this. If you have someone that’s expecting a new baby, if you have someone who has kids, they need something. Toys, shoes clothes. Something. If you know someone that’s expecting, they need to come and get a swing, a crib, they need to come get all the things!

Call me crazy, come, hit the jackpot with us! October 12th & 13th!

We’re gonna have some fun, it’s gonna be crazy madness and you’re gonna want to be here for it! We’ll see you then!

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Double Clothing & Shoe Sale
to Sep 15

Double Clothing & Shoe Sale

Come in for a discount on all clothing and shoes. Want the double discount? Bring a friend along and you’ll BOTH get twice the discount.

(Friend must also make a purchase. “Friend” must be an adult that does not live in the same household.)

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