It’s likely you’re drowning in clothes they’ve outgrown or toys they don’t play with anymore…..

That’s why we’re here. Consignment is a great way to get rid of things your children don’t need anymore and buy the things they DO need. With a little effort, you can make some space in your home as well as put money in your pocket for the next Target run, Disney trip, or date night.


This is how you get started…..

Bring your items for consignment ANYTIME during normal business hours! The earlier in the day, the better.

Bring items in something hard; IE. a box, laundry basket, or plastic tote. This helps keep clothes laid flat and shoes in pairs. The nicer your items are presented, the more we’ll accept!

We process your items same day. Drop them and Run if you'd like. Be back by 4 pm on weekdays or 1 pm on Saturday to pick up no-thank-you's.

UNLIMITED amounts of Toys, Shoes (up to a size 5 youth), Baby Equipment, Children’s Furniture, Outdoor play toys, and smaller miscellaneous items are welcomed

LIMITED amounts of children & maternity clothes: 30 pieces of clothes per day. Lay sets together (same-size/same-brand) and we count that as one piece; IE. a two piece set of pajamas = one piece
All sizes maternity clothing. Sizes preemie-16 for children!


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Get instant access to the ULTIMATE wee-cycle checklist to make consigning even easier!


To make things even easier, we keep track of all your sales and money!!

We will price all your items, tag them, hang them, and sell them for you. After you get them in our doors we do all the rest.

As soon as your items sell, the money goes into your account. You can use your money in the store OR take it in a check at anytime. Simply request for a check the next time you’re in the store.

We know life happens, we’re moms too. Your account balance is good for a year. Leave items with us and collect your money when it’s convenient!

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See you ‘round the store real soon!

If you have more questions on how our consignment process works or what we are accepting currently click the contact link below. We’d love to talk with you more.