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#1 Prep your Items

The most important part!

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(tip) What we’re accepting currently

Everything on our Checklist! Download copy button, wording.


(tip) When to Drop Off

When, trends, what this process looks like, what happens if you come in late and we’re full


#2 Drop Off your items

transfer to our bin, sign in, wait time quote


(tip) This is where we take over

What do we do with your items while you’re ‘waiting’, tips on what to do during your drop off time if you don’t live close, someone else can do your drop off/pick up for you


#3 Pick up No-Thank-You’s

Same day drop off/pick up, what happens if you don’t pick up, suggest someone to pick up for them again


(tip) We’re putting money back in your pocket

let us do the rest as selling experts, how they receive and take money