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What we’re accepting currently

Accepting Exceptions:

Currently accepting all sizes, all seasons, both genders of clothing!

We are also accepting all items from our ULTIMATE WEE-CYCLE CHECKLIST!

We will be closed Monday, October 14th and Thursday, October 31st and not accepting drop-offs these days.

#1 Prep your Items

This is quite honestly the most important part. We strive for quality and only accept the best of your best!

Presentation is EVERYTHING. The better your items look, the more we’ll accept, meaning the more $$ you’ll make.


Freshly washed, laid completely flat, buttons/zippers/snaps done up, sets laid together, 30 pieces counted out (sets count as 1 piece), and placed in something hard ie. box, laundry basket, plastic bin (no bags, please)

Sizes Accepted: Children’s preemie - 16 youth & all size maternity & nursing

Our standard is to accept All-Seasons-at-all-Times. But before you take that to the bank, check ‘What we’re Accepting Currently’ at the top of this page just in case


Cleaned, laces tied, set in pairs

Sizes Accepted: Newborn - 5 youth

Baby Equipment/Toys/Books/Miscellaneous Items/Furniture:

All fabric freshly washed, hard surfaces wiped clean, batteries working, all parts and pieces collected

While you’re preparing to drop off keep these things in mind:

We accept UNLIMITED amounts of Toys, Shoes, Baby Equipment, Children’s Furniture, Outdoor play toys, and Smaller Miscellaneous items

We accept LIMITED amounts of children & maternity clothes: 30 pieces of clothes per day. Lay sets together (same-size/same-brand) and we count that as one piece; IE. a two piece set of pajamas = one piece

Use this complete list of items we accept called THE ULTIMATE WEECYCLE CHECLIST

#2 Drop & Run

Because you spent some time preparing your drop off, this step is a breeze. That’s why we say ‘Drop & Run’ -- it’s that fast.

We quickly transfer your items to be processed into one of our bins, check you in, and give you a quoted pick up time.

Anyone can drop off for you!

We will inspect each item carefully for stains, wear-n-tear, batteries, pieces, etc. The items we say yes to, we price, tag, hang, bag, and sell them for you. The items we say no-thank-you to are placed in a bag and we’ll send you a text reminding you to pick up!

Just get your items in our doors and we’ll do the rest.

#3 Pick up No-Thank-You’s

Items you drop off that we pass on are called no-thank-you’s. If you have no-thank-you’s, there’s a same day pick up policy. Anyone can pick up no-thank-you’s for you!

Pick up same day between receiving your text message and close of business: 6 pm Mon-Fri and 3 pm on Saturdays.

We take the pick up policy so seriously that if you don’t pick up, you don’t receive any money for your drop off. That is our biggest incentive to have you actually pick up those no-thank-you’s. Remember, anyone can pick up for you!

“When I started paying attention to the quality I was dropping off and how they liked things, I stopped having no’s to pick up. And I have more money in my account now, so that’s nice too!” - Cassia, consignor since 2017

Tip: When to Drop Off

We accept drop offs Monday through Saturday. Here are our Drop Off Hours:

Monday - Friday, 9 am-4 pm

Saturday, 9 am-1 pm

*We’re open for shopping and no-thank-you pick up’s until 6 pm Mon- Fri & 3 pm on Saturdays.

Our doors open at 9 am. We recommend coming as early as possible if you’re dropping off clothing. That’s because we only accept as many clothing drop offs as we can process in a days time. This depends on how many processors are working + how many consignors drop off!

If you can’t be at the store when we open our doors, call us to see if we’re accepting clothing drop offs still, 850-389-2130.

We try our best to accept everything besides clothing throughout the day in unlimited quantities.

This system is SO beneficial to you. Items you bring us will hit the sales floor same day. How amazing is that!! Most of our consignors have money in their account within just a couple days of dropping off with us.

We’re putting money back in your pocket

We keep track of all your sales and money!! As soon as your items sell, the money goes into your account. You can use your money in the store OR take it in a check at anytime.

To check on your balance, call the store, message us on Facebook, or simply ask the next time you’re in the store.

Stop by and ask for a check!

We know life happens, we’re moms too. Your account balance is good for a year. Leave items with us and collect your money when it’s convenient!

Moving out of the local area? You can consign with us up until the day you move and request a check to be sent to your new address for just $2.

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A place just for you!

Once you’re a consignor with us, we invite you to our exclusive Facebook group. Here we learn and discuss everything about consignment.

We share stories, give feedback, and celebrate successes. It’s a wonderful place to get inspired to clean out & make some money!!